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May 23, 2010


Pay Lake Victory… One Fly vs. Many a 5 Gallon Bait Bucket

by mrbrownliner

So I had to relay this story and photo because I can’t stop laughing about it. I was traveling for business in Western Ohio this week. I packed my rod in the car with hopes of getting out for a few hours in the evening.

I found a small pay lake near where I was working and hit the water. The lakes were being fished by a bunch of guys with huge live bait rigs fishing for monster catfish.

The lake was small and I could hear the guys across the lake laughing at the guy with the fly rod and one of them actually called me a moron. For two hours…. I believe their collective fish count was ZERO!

After I landed the first one (6lbs), they weren’t snickering quite as loud.

After I landed the 12 pounder…. they didn’t utter a word.

As I was walking back around the lake, the guy looked over his shoulder at me. I just smiled, looked at him, and said, “Not so funny now is it”.

He laughed and asked me to show him what kind of “bait” I was using. When I explained my bait was a size 4 chartreuse crystal bugger, he stared in disbelief.

I smiled the entire way home!

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  1. Sep 2 2010

    Nice job!
    Although I’ve never even come close to hooking a catfish that big on a fly, I have astounded a few bait fishers by catching Channel Cats on Clousers on a spillway in MS… when no one else was catching much of anything. They always think the fly rod is some kind of joke. Poor worm dunkers… they may never get it.


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