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May 25, 2010

Sign of a True Fishing Buddy

by mrbrownliner

So today was just a slog getting through my work day.  I had made plans to catch a few twilight hours on the creek with Bob and the clock could not have gone any slower.  The other day, he was doing some recon and came across a mess of Carp that were clooping  some white seeds off of the surface.  He had hooked into a few but none had come to hand.

Being the true fishing buddy that he is, Bob tipped me off to the spot and sure enough there they were doing the same dance.  I tied on a good sized white Adams and my third cast hit pay dirt.  She took off for parts unknown and about 5 minutes later I had her in hand with an grin from ear to ear.  Yes, I know she is not the biggest Carp ever caught on a fly and maybe she had a face that only a mother would love.  Never the less, she was my first Carp on a dry fly so she will always have a special place in my heart.  For those of you who are wondering, she and all of her eggs were returned safely to the creek.

Sadly, the fight completely blew up the rest of the fish so I guess I will have to head back tomorrow to see if they are back!  Good night and tight lines!

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