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June 2, 2010

The Value of Instruction

by mrbrownliner

So as anyone who has ever met me (or seen me fish for that matter) will vouch for the fact that I have no illusions that I am the second coming of Lefty Kreh when it comes to fly casting.  Last night I was up at my local shop in Pittsburgh (International Angler) and I mentioned to Chuck (the owner) that I was struggling with a tailing loop and I was having trouble figuring out where my mechanics were going wrong.

It was 10 minutes before close but he took me out in the parking lot and after 45 minutes of instruction and watching me cast, I felt like I was throwing a better loop than I ever had.  More importantly, I started to understand why.  Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, No… I do not work for International Angler nor is this a plug for their shop!

I will however say this….  If you are a fly fisherman who purchases your gear online, I strongly urge you to go and support your local shop!  If all of us buy gear online we will have no local shop to go to.  I don’t see Cabela’s lining up at my door to give me free casting instruction and I am sure you do not either.  Need help matching your local hatch?  I am sure none of your other online etailers are helping you there either!  Just tied a new pattern and wanted to show it off to a bunch of other fly fishing geeks that will think it is cool…. (God knows my wife is no help there, she thinks I have an illness)… YES!  You Got It!  Your locally owned and operated fly shop.

Might you pay a few dollars more for your gear?  You might, but you get it back in pounds with stuff you can’t get anywhere else.  Besides, they don’t laugh when I tell them that I am on my way to the stream to go “carping”!  🙂


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