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June 13, 2010

Four Leaf Clover Day

by mrbrownliner

More often than not, most of the shots I have at carp on my home waters are bottom feeding situations.  Tails up, head down, and shoveling through the silt looking for bugs.  As I had mentioned in my previous post, we have had more than our fair share of rain and clouds lately and sight fishing was still a no go.

I hit the creek fairly early and started to work down stream to a spillway that typically holds some opportunistic fish looking for their meal to be delivered while they wait.  No dice….

I happened to take a look further down stream to an eddy that has been known to hold a fish or two.  Holy mother load.  Ever 5 seconds or so huge brown and orange lips would break the surface like a periscope.  Carp rise forms make me laugh as they would never be mistaken for a trout.  Not nearly as dainty and much more “deliberate”.  They were eating some white fluff off of the surface.  The optimist in me hopes it was cottonwood seeds.  The realist in me is open to the notion that considering the water I was in, it could have been toilet paper or even remnants of a diaper or tampon.

So I pulled out my trout box and found the biggest whitest dry fly I could find .  No luck for about 20 minutes.  Then Boom!  He took it and ran like he stole something.  The eddy was right along side some fast water which then flowed into a deeper fast moving channel.  Before I could say holy wet diaper I was well into my backing.  I stumbled across stream to try and get him into some slower water which I finally did and began recovering some of my line.  For a fairly average to small sized carp, he had a ton of game and was a blast to bring in.

About 45 minutes later, round two was like an instant replay of round one except for instead of running all the way to Mexico, he only made it to Oklahoma.  All in all, what a fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning!

Good luck and tight lines!

Dry Fly Carp

Dry Fly Carp 2

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