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June 26, 2010


Little “Drum”er Boy

by mrbrownliner

So my buddy Bob and I had planned to head out on the creek today and do some serious carping.  The water levels had dropped significantly and the sun was out which made for perfect site fishing conditions.  Both of us were totally pumped and ready for a perfect day.

Bob Gearing Up!

We started under a bridge where I dropped down below and Bob spotted for me from above.  Penty of carp laid up in the current, but none were feeding so we moved on.  We headed up stream to hit some pools and current seams where Bob had caught two carp earlier.  We both had multiple shots at good fish today, but for some reason… they were just not eating!

Bob Looking Down on a Pool of Big Lips!

I had spotted some fish working their way up and down a good sized eddy and had several refusals.  After spotting a dark back in the current seam I made an upstream cast…  an upstream mend…. and the line came tight….  The dance was on!  At first I was not truly sure what I had.  I did not think it was a carp as it did not make a typical carp run.  It was way too big to be a bass.  My initial guess was channel cat but boy was I wrong.  Not sure what got into the Drum today, but they were hitting as this was the first of three nice fish that were brought to hand.

Lee Beating the Drum!

Marching to a Different Drum

I'll Have a Drum and Coke Please!

We managed to get some cool video that I will post once I get a chance to edit it.  If you are sitting front of your computer reading this….. Click the little red X…. Call a buddy…. and go FISHING!!!!  🙂

Good luck and tight lines!

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  1. Mar 14 2011

    Awesome blog!

    The FJ is probably the best fishing vehicle every made.

    I’d never believe their were drum in in The Rocks.

  2. Mar 14 2011

    Thanks Paul,

    Yes.. FJ is a perfect fly fishing vehicle! As far as the Drum… that is the beauty of Brownlining! A surprise waiting around every corner.


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