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July 1, 2010


Breaking the Same Water Rut

by mrbrownliner

I have no idea why…  There are miles and miles of creek to explore but I always seem to go back to the same half mile stretch that I know so well.  Perhaps I am a creature of habit?  Lazy?  Content with the results?  Well today I decided to break the cycle and explore a section I have never fished or even been on before.  It was for the most part a fantastic experience.  I explored new riffles, runs, and pools.  I even caught a few nice fish.

The cherry on my sundae however came as I was wading back to my car.  The sun was low and I was wading straight into the sunlight.  Even with my polarized glasses, the water was like a mirror and I could not see a thing.  Now in my normal half mile stretch of water, I know ever step and every rock.  Not so today.  I took one fateful step into a deep hole and the next thing I knew I was underwater!  My waders filled up with water that is runoff with god knows what in it from god knows where!

If you were wondering… no my life did not flash before my eyes.  I did not fear drowning.  The thought that immediately went through my head was SHIT!  If I drown another iphone my wife is going to shoot me!  I shot out of that pool like a rocket.  quickly checking the interior pocket of my waders to see if my phone and my camera were still alive.  Miracle of all miracles they were and I narrowly averted certain death or divorce!

All I could do was laugh at my soaking wet self as I made my way back to the car, back to my house and took a shower so hot that it had to have killed any nasty bacteria that was on my body!  I think next time I will remember where that hole is.  🙂

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  1. Tim
    Jul 2 2010

    Where on Chartiers is that? I’m the guy you met flailing around with the rebel crab followed by the fly rod in the rain.

    I fished Chartiers today off of Boyce Road near the state hospital. Caught a few bass and a carp.


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