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July 11, 2010


One More Cast…

by mrbrownliner

Ok… I know we have all been there.  The infamous “one more cast”.  My dad heard it as he tried to get the boat off the water when I was a kid.  My mom heard it when we would be on our family vacation at Deep Creek Lake trying to get me off the dock and up for dinner.  My wife has heard it wondering how one man could be on a creek for so darn long…  and of course I hear it… every single time I fish!  The only problem is I typically go through a relatively long negotiation of “one more casts” before I finally coax myself off the water.

You see, “One More Cast” is the fisherman’s equivalent of the bottom of the 9th bases loaded full count fantasy we imagined in little league.  The fish of my life is waiting for me… waiting for that perfect presentation.  I must say, in 40 years on this planet I think each and every “One more cast” has come up pretty much empty with me mumbling something about me getting them next time blah blah blah….

Today, however, proved to be a very interesting day.  My fishing day was far from prolific.  I had brought 3 average sized smallies to hand and dealt with coffee colored water that pretty much shut site fishing off completely.  I had worked it hard today covering a large chunk of water and I had neglected to bring any of it to drink.  I was making my way back to my car and a cold beverage from the convenience store when I came upon the very last eddy before the bridge and my exit.  I had already spooled my line and was pretty well cooked.  Oh hell, “one more cast” before I call it a day.  (Ok… maybe there were two but it seemed like one!)  I swung my fly through the eddy and out the tail and my line came tight!  Snag?  Nope…. head shake right off the bat.  The fish bull dogged hard and flashed it’s back.  I thought it was a drum at first and then it broke water.  I have caught larger bass in Canada and in large bodies of water, but this was hands down the largest creek sized bass I have ever caught.  Not only was it the perfect end to a day of fishing, but it reminded me why you should always make “One More Cast”!

Good luck and tight lines.

CC Smallie

The Reward from One More Cast!

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  1. Tim
    Jul 12 2010

    Nice fish.
    I just got back from fishing Chartiers this morning near the Sharp Edge in Crafton and had a similar one last cast experience. Early on I caught a nice channel cat on a foxee clouser, but I hadn’t caught another fish for about 2 hours. Just when I was about to call it quits I cast my soft hackle woolly bugger into some riffles and pulled out a 19.5″ smallmouth (I marked my rod for a measurement). This was my biggest smallmouth on any tackle ever. Afterwards, I decided to make a few more casts and caught a 15″ fish.

  2. Jul 13 2010


    That is awesome! Makes me smile just hearing that. I have never fished that section. I will have to give it a try. I will probably try and get out on Wednesday if I can finish work on time. Congrats on the monster smallie!


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