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July 24, 2010


How the Other Half Live

by mrbrownliner

So if you have read much of my blog then you know I am not a very accomplished trout fisherman.  I have dabbled a few times but just never really caught the bug.  I was traveling on business and a friend recommended a trout stream that he thought I should give a try.  In a few hours I hooked two Brown’s and landed one of them.  I also caught 15 or 20 trees, a few sunken logs, and multiple rocks.  Neither fish was anything that would raise an eyebrow but I must admit…. (drum roll please)  The fishing was both challenging and enjoyable!

The day was incredibly hot and the cold water of the stream felt amazing.  The fishing was technical and a true challenge on all fronts.  In keeping with my tradition of losing things, I managed to lose another pair of polarized glasses.  As  it got dark, I had put them on top of my had and must have forgot they were there.  As they say in France, “shit happens”.  Which is loosely translated into, “shit happens”.

Am I converted?  Not yet, but I could definitely see myself giving it another go.  After all, it is always nice to see how the other half live.

Top 10 Things that Mr. Brownliner learned while trout fishing:

  1. Put your glasses on that handy little strap you bought for them!
  2. 9 foot rods don’t perform well on streams that are 9 feet wide with overhanging trees
  3. Roll casting well is a valuable skill!
  4. False casting with split shot and a strike indicator and a weighted nymph is harder than it looks
  5. Don’t eat beef jerky when you have run out of water on a 90 degree day
  6. Keep the trout rod in the car even if you don’t think you are going to nee it…. fishing for trout with a saltwater 6 wt did not make life any easier
  7. Bring extra water (see number 5)
  8. After almost dropping my camera in the water (again)  it is time to purchase a waterproof camera!
  9. Fishing on a trout stream in July and catching a few fish with no one else on the stream beats the heck out of catching a few more fish elbow to elbow with 50 other guys on opening day
  10. Any day fishing is better than my best day at work!

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

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  1. Tim
    Jul 25 2010

    Watch this video of a Trout Fishing Legend casting before you put away that long rod on a small stream. Joe Humphries taught and fished in Central PA very close to where I’m from.

  2. Jul 25 2010

    Tim… pretty darn cool… lets just say I need some practice!

  3. Sep 2 2010

    The roll cast is vital… and so is the waterproof camera. We finally bought one after growing tired of the constantly leaking waterproof bags. We got a Panasonic DMC-TS2 and it has proven itself to be worthy thus far. It has been fully submerged several times and survived to document another day. We have even used it to photograph crayfish, logperch, and sculpins underwater. It has nifty little rubber gaskets at every opening that lock shut… I was doubtful, but it really is a waterproof camera.


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