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August 18, 2010

Erie Bound!

by mrbrownliner

So I can imagine most of you rolling your eyes wondering why this schmuck is going to fish Erie about a month or so too early????  Ah….. alas it is true, we are not going up for Steelhead.  (back to that in a moment)  We are heading up to Presque Isle for some late season bass and carp and I could not be any more psyched about it!  The thought of 3 solid days of fishing is making my blood boil with anticipation.  Sadly, I have not had a ton of time to be on the water lately and I think it is starting to effect my personality.  Ok, maybe I am an asshole anyhow but it is wearing on my never the less.  A wise man once told me the very best time to fish is when you can.

Back to Steelhead.  I am a virgin.  I have yet to go up to Erie or anywhere else for that matter for the Steelhead run.  Do I want to?  Absolutely!  The thought of those big strong steelie’s in such small water…. who wouldn’t?  But I have an issue.  I have seen the video, the pics, and heard the stories.   I refuse to fish in a line of anglers that looks more like a bunch of guys waiting in line for Skynnard tickets in camo than it does fishing.  I am sorry…… I like being able to work a stretch of water…. I like my solitude…. my escape from the crowded world…. that is part of the appeal of fishing for me.  I do not like green egg’s and ham!  I do not like them Sam I Am!!!  Ok… I will try it just once… but I can already tell you I am not going to like it!!!!  🙂


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