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August 31, 2010

Fun with Bass Bugs

by mrbrownliner

So I was experimenting with some bass bugs.  This pattern is a variation of the diver that Puglisi ties.  I am not sure if he was even the originator of the pattern, but that is where I saw it for the first time.  The major variation that I am tinkering with is actually the hook.  This is a hook that you would typically see used with a shad imitation that spin fisherman use.  It has a huge gap and keel to it.  My hook up ratio was amazing compared to my popper hooks and it really helps the fly to dive as it almost levers the nose down on each strip.

The other thing that is fun is that I used a small guitar pick as the mold for the foam pieces.  Not sure the fly is name worthy since it is a variation of an existing pattern, but I have given it one anyhow….

Say hello to the “Eddie Van Halen“…. aptly named because:

A. She was born from a guitar pick

B. When you strip her she goes “Diver Down”

C. and when you are in the vecinity of a bass, you end up with an “Eruption”

YES… YES… YES… I know it couldn’t be any more cheesy but I just couldn’t resist!

This fly worked amazingly well on my most recent trip to Presque Isle.  I will post a tying video shortly but it isn’t hard to figure out just by taking a look at it.

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