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September 5, 2010

Fall is Upon Us

by mrbrownliner

So I left this morning to do some fishing on my local creek.  There was a bit of a nip to the air and when I stepped into the water it was obvious that fall is here!  My warm water creek felt more like a tail water trout stream!  As much as I enjoy the summer, there are a few things I am not upset to say adios to:

  1. Taking off my waders and not being able to figure out if I have a leak or if I have soaked myself in sweat
  2. Dipping my hand in the bathtub warm water knowing that the fish are borderline suffocating due to lack of oxygen
  3. Jumping back in shock as I went to swat a mosquito and momentarily mistaking it for a small sparrow
  4. Inserting additional pauses in between strips for no other reason than to swat the biting horse flies off of the back of my hand
  5. Stopping after just about every cast to pull the weeds off of my weedless flies

So I am not sure if I should consider today to be late summer fishing or early fall but in either way, it was a very nice morning on the water and a productive one at that.  The smallies were still not in fall form and the carp were unusually absent, but the drum….  whole different story!

I must admit, there is a huge satisfaction I get from site fishing and placing the fly exactly where I wanted it to be and watching the take.  I don’t care if it is a tarpon or a bluegill (Ok… maybe I care a little) there is just something about stalking the fish…. presenting the fly…. setting the hook…..  and bringing the fish to hand that is nothing short of magical.  So, welcome to fall  and welcome to all things fly fishing!


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