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September 8, 2010


Pleasant and not so Pleasant Surprises

by mrbrownliner

Yesterday was an amazing day on the water.  I lost a bunch of good fish during the fight…. 1 cat, 2 drum, 1 carp, and 1 beautiful smallie.  It turns out the fly that they were keying on had a dull hook and I just could not seem to get a firm hook set with it.  The silver lining was two Sauger that were my first of the year and caught me completely by surprise!

If there is a lesson to be learned it is always be prepared with your fly selection and a hook can never ever be too sharp!  Fall fishing is starting to heat up and I am soooo pumped!!!!

As I was wading down stream I saw a fish swirl…. I cast to it but no take… it swirled again…. cast again.. no take.  I approached closer and I realized something was not right.  I could see the fish suspended in the water swirling in the current.  I reached down and this is what I found….

I know we have all lost lures or flies before, but this was about 5 feet from shore in about 2.5 feet of water….. come on people!  Give the fish a break and I sure as hell don’t want to wade through that crap.  That was the not so pleasant surprise for anyone that got lost on the way to my mental playground!

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  1. Jeff
    Mar 13 2016

    That fish probably tangled the angler up in a mess of lures somewhere and broke him off. It got free from whatever the tangle was stuck on and that is where the fish ended up when you found it


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