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September 21, 2010


A Little Game of Cat and Mouse

by mrbrownliner

So Bob and I were out pounding some coffee colored water last night.  Earlier in the day (while I was still at work mind you) Bob was hitting the Carp big time landing two and losing another.  By the time I got on the water the bite was off and we covered a bunch of water and caught up on some much needed conversation.  One of the guys up at International Angler had asked me if we had noticed more success with carp during a given time of day.  As unfortunate as it may be, my reply was that I had no idea since my fishing sessions tend to be when I can sneak away between work and family and had little to do with when I thought the fish were actually feeding.  Bob has spent quite a bit more time on the water recently than I have so he had a bit more insight than I did.  The synopsis from our resident carp whisperer is that he has had the most success between 8:00-10:00am and between 3:00-5:00pm.  Rather odd times but that is how it has gone and his track record is not to be second guessed at least not by me!

So as we were wading, I made the off handed comment that of all the fish I had caught on our creek this season that I had been totally skunked out on cats.  I thought this to be a bit odd since it is absolutely full of channel cats and I quite often throw bugger and leach patterns that channels typically love.  Sunlight was fading and the creek started to darken.  I looked at Bob and said, “Hey, lets head down to the big pool and finish there and then I can give you a ride back to your car”.

We headed downstream and immediately saw something crashing bait all through the pool.  My first thought was smallmouth.  I had tied on the biggest blackest wooly bugger that I had in my box and began swinging it down through the pool.  Strip… strip… strip… wham!  Both of us saw the take and let out a “whoa!”.  The fight was on and I was smiling because as soon as I felt the characteristic head shake I had a pretty good idea what I was into.  The fight seemed to be coming to a close and as she got to within about 4 feet of me saw something she didn’t like (most likely me) and took off big time.  I had to let line out for fear of breaking her off and was giggling the whole way.  If you have never caught channel cat’s on the fly, you are missing out!  They are agressive fish, will chase a fly and fight like mad.

So after landing a second cat and fighting off some rather persistent mosquito’s we decided to call it a night.  Two carp and two cat’s…. not a bad night of brown lining in my humble opinion!

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

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  1. Tim
    Sep 22 2010

    That second cat is a brute. Very nice fish.

    Speaking of good times to catch carp…Before I had to go back to teaching, I spent a lot of time fishing. At the end of August I had an 8 carp day with several more break-offs and over 10 bass. I was fishing from 8 am to 12 am on an overcast day, and the carp were cruising. I simply walked upstream, looked for dirt flowing towards me, and carefully got into position for a cast. The carp that day were moving several feet to suck up my soft hackle wooly worms, and because it was overcast, there was no glare. I could see them cruising very well. I would be lucky to ever have such a good carp day again.

  2. Sep 26 2010

    Tim… sounds like one of those perfect days that you would love to just copy and repeat! I guess the fact that they don’t come along all that often is what makes them special!

  3. Oct 25 2010

    Nice cat!
    I caught two channel cats yesterday on the fly rod. The first was about a pound… the second was closer to 4 and foul hooked… talk about a battle on my antique Garcia fiberglass rod. It took me nearly 5 minutes to land him. I was pretty worried about breaking off my 7 lb tippet. I never expected to catch anything much over a pound fishing in the little stream where I was fishing… but it was one of those nice deep holes. It also gave up two ten inch crappie… not much fight there, but fish nonetheless. It was a new spot I have been driving over for years, and finally got to get down and give it a shot. Not a bad day at a new hole.


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