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September 23, 2010


Fishing Gone Techno

by mrbrownliner

There are many things that cause my sick twisted mind to chuckle and snicker at the things I see on a daily basis.  It is on one of the benefits I get for being me.  One of those often pondered issues steeped in both contrast and conflict is fishing and technology.  I hear so often how offended fishing purists are when a fellow angler (fly or other) shows up to the stream, lake, or river with some “new fangled gadget”.  I can hear the pining for the good old days of bamboo and horse hair rising off of the rippling water.

Whether we like to admit it or not, just like every aspect of our society, technology has had a tremendous impact on our fishing experience.  You almost never step onto a boat that is not equipped with some form of sonar and or GPS technology.  Bass boats are often equipped with automatic trolling motors that keep the boat moving parallel to the shore line using similar technology.  Before you fly fisherman start to snicker at the bass boys…..   How many of us are wearing breathable waders made of high tech fabrics that were not even available 25 years ago.  High modulus graphite, sealed carbon drags, ultra light weight machined aluminum reels, flourocarbon tippet, boga grips, flies made of synthetic materials, laser sharpened hooks….. and the hits just keep on coming!

So does this mean we should all outfit our waders with a batter pack and a laptop shelf… or edit our video stream side from our smart phone so we can tweet it to the masses before we even crawl out of our waders?  Well that is not exactly my cup of tea, but the option is yours!  I would say this though…. before you look down your nose at they guy with his iphone, video camera, or whatever the offending gadget might be…  Ask yourself what your grandfather or great grandfather would think of you if he saw all of the crap that you carried with you and used in your fishing endeavors.

The truth of the matter is that unless you choose to adopt an “amish-esque” approach to your fishing you can’t help but to be impacted by technology.  I for one am a huge fan as long as you don’t lose the all important perspective of why you bothered to go in the first place!  I consider my time on the creek to be my harbor in the tempest of life.  It is my time to re-connect with the natural world around me.  It is my time to cleanse my brain of the life based concerns that I will heap back upon it as soon as I arrive home.  It is truly the one time of my day that is my time and no one else’s and it is my favorite time.

I truly embrace what technology has allowed me to do with my fishing experience.  I am able to capture beautiful moments and freeze them in time.  It allows me to share them with my father who lives half way across the country and he can smile knowing that the lessons he bestowed upon his son are still alive and well 30 years later.  I am able to fight fish in ways that would have been difficult in the past.  It allows me to create fly patterns that would be difficult if not impossible if limited to natural fibers…. Yes I am a fly fishing techno file and I love every moment of it.

So if you are truly a purist, I can live with that!  Then be a true purist… tie a length of woven horse tail to the end of a piece of bamboo and have at it!  As for me….. Bring on the technology and lets go fishing because I can’t wait to learn about the next new gadget that my fly shop has for me to check out!

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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  1. Oct 8 2010

    Well stated… I find a happy compromise between technology and tradition is best for me. I couldn’t live without my waterproof digital camera, my roto-molded polyethylene kayak, my precision machined fly reel, my polymer coated fly line, and my high tech graphite rod… but I have some classic tackle that I love just as much for its beauty and connection to tradition… my bamboo fly rods in particular.

  2. Oct 9 2010


    I would echo that but I think I fall more on the techy side… I love the latest gear!


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