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I normally don’t act as a repository for general content, but this was way too cool not to post!  Best footage I have ever seen.


Holy Carp!

Ok… ok…. So it was an overly enthusiastic headline but I am excited!  Why  you ask?  I was able to take an hour or so after work today and do a bit of fishing and the day was nothing short of beautiful.  The sun was shining and the air was crisp with a nice fall breeze.  Had I caught absolutely nothing I would have been content just to feel the water rushing past my legs.  The cooperative carp and the eager smallie were just icing on my proverbial cake.

I always get mixed feelings as fall fishing sets in.  On one hand I relish in the colors and feeling that comes with the turning of the season.  On the other, I know that many of my favorite fish are a few short months away from virtual hibernation.  Looks like I might need to consider becoming a trout guy after all…..  Beats the heck out of watching my fly gear hibernate 😉

Good Luck and Tight Lines



When Life Gets in the Way

So it has been roughly two weeks since my line has been wet.  For some… perhaps that is no big deal.  For the afflicted it is nothing short of cataclysmic.  My office literally sits along the river and every time I look out the window I can feel that twinge of excitement.  Yes… the water is actually calling me.  My excuses are many and legitimate.  New job, family obligations, and the list goes on.  Bob has called me three times in the past week and I just can’t seem to break free.

Luckily that will all change this weekend!  I truly don’t care if I have to cast into gale force winds… brave golf ball sized hail…. or dodge the trident of Poseidon himself.  I WILL BE FLY FISHING!  We recently came across a pond with a very healthy population of Brown’s and LMB’s. so I am looking forward to a great combo of fish species this weekend.

So for any of you that have been wrangled into a fishing rut by life’s many responsibilities… figure out a way and keep those lines tight!