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November 1, 2010


Happy Carpoween!

by mrbrownliner

Boo!  So today I snuck out for some late season action on the creek and was not disappointed.  There is something about the change in season that I find near and dear to my heart.  I stood out on the creek today and stopped and just looked around.  The air was crisp and cool.  The leaves were in their full fall glory.  The water was had a chill to it but was not yet “uncomfortable”.   There was not another fisherman in sight and I just took it all in and smiled.

I know that everyone and their mother are lining the shores of every major Erie trib right now fighting for their shot at chrome and I can’t say that I blame them…. If I had the weekend free, I might be up there too but those were not the cards I was dealt.  Which brings me to an interesting question…. How does one weigh the quality of the fishing experience vs the quality of the quarry?  In other words…. is it worth it to stand elbow to elbow with a few hundred hacks some dragging lures, bait, and everything in between through a stream for the chance too hook into a 10 plus pound trout?  Now before you jump out of your recliner…. I am not saying it isn’t!

But there are moments that I wonder….. Do I want to share a pool or riffle with 8 other guys?  Do I want to fight a fish through a crowd?  Or do I just want to take my own little piece of solitude, crisp air, fall leaves, and fish that most other guys have no desire to chase and enjoy my own little corner of the world?  Not sure I have a definitive answer, but it sure is fun to ponder.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

Late Season Carp

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  1. Ben M
    Nov 3 2010

    Nice fish! didn’t think there where many people out there that appreciate this fish, nice meeting you today at fly shop.

  2. Nov 4 2010


    Nice meeting you as well…. good luck with the Orvis pack. It has been a total winner of a purchase for me. My fishing partner got one as well and he really likes his also.

    Good Luck and Tight Lines!


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