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November 9, 2010


Trials and “Trib”ulations

by mrbrownliner

So my buddy bob went up to Erie today to fish for some steelies.  Needless to say, he had a a good day!  He ended up hooking into roughly 8 fish and landed two.  As a follow up to my previous post, I can honestly say that I had some pangs of jealousy as I was at work while he was on the stream!  Even on a Monday, there was quite a crowd.  After Bob fought and landed the fish below, he had to make his way back to the pool where he hooked the fish and wonder why some guy had conveniently jumped into his “spot”.  At the end of the day, it is nothing short of combat fishing.  I guess the truth of the matter is that if the fishing sucked there would be no crowd!  So I ask you…. how much of a crowd would you fight for 10lbs of jumping, running, fighting, trout?

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  1. Nov 9 2010

    Great fish there, but man…that is nuts. I seek out streams that leave me alone or almost alone on the water. I’ll gladly settle for smaller fish if I can be uncrowded; nothing makes me crankier than combat fishing. My patience is not well developed enough to endure some of the maneuvers that people make. There is a lot of fishing that I will probably never do because of my feelings about crowds, but I thoroughly enjoy the fishing I do. It’s a balance, I suppose.

  2. Nov 9 2010

    I occasionally find myself in a “combat fishing” situation in the trout streams of Arkansas. I never manage to catch any ten pounders, but in AR that is a real possibility so the people don’t seem to mind standing shoulder to shoulder. I think the reason I really hate it is that I like to cover as much water as possible, and all of the most likely holding water… very difficult to do while trying to maintain fishing etiquette. I think my affinity for Smallmouth streams has a lot to do with the usual lack of others on the water.


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