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November 11, 2010


Gear Junkie

by mrbrownliner

I was going through my gear today and came upon the profound realization that I am a gear junkie…. as fly fisherman, I think most of us are.  It is almost part of the fabric of the sport.  I did a quick overview and I easily have a few thousand dollars invested in fishing gear and I know compared to some of you that is on the low side!  So I asked myself the question…. would I enjoy the sport any less with a $150 beginners outfit and a small box of basic flies?  Would a two piece rod and a click pawl reel rob me of any pleasure I derive from being on the water… hooking and fighting a fish?  Do I really need 3 different pairs of Polarized glasses?  Could I survive without a vest, chest pack, sling pack, and waist pack?

At the end of the day… I would love it no less… but I have to admit… I DO LOVE MY GEAR!

So where do you fall?  Gear head?  Purist?  Minimalist?

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  1. Nov 11 2010

    I love my gear… I have more than one person needs for sure. I justify it by telling myself I need enough for my girlfriend or other friends to have gear when they fish with me. I have a lot of gear that I couldn’t afford if it weren’t for ebay… I recently got a Gold Cup outfit on ebay for $99. This setup that includes 9′ 10 wt rod (with tube), machined fly reel, SA Sharkskin line, and gel spun backing retails for $429 at
    That’s just one of the many deals I’ve snagged. Heck, I don’t even have a need for 10 wt at the moment… but you never know. Gives me a reason to travel now that I have it.

  2. Nov 23 2010

    I am somewhere between a minimalist and purist; I like to go light and have all my gear serve regular and specific purposes. If I don’t use something at least once in a few outings, I get rid of it. I don’t wear a vest, just a small military shoulder bag. I can’t fit much in it, especially with a nalgene; just a fly box or two and the other main essentials pack in neatly. I find that I spend much more time fishing than messing around with trinkets and gear this way, but there are days I wish I had a vest and more…trinkets. I love my Sage, but loved my old TFO too. I love my Konic, but have appreciation for a Medalist. For me, quality gear is a must, but it’s all about the fishing for me.

  3. Nov 23 2010


    Like you I have retired my vest. I carry an Orvis sling pack which has just enough room for two or 3 fly boxes, the basic tools, and a few tippet spools. Throw in a small water bottle, my flip cam, and a granola bar and that pretty well does it.

    I guess it is my personality that if I have extra room… I fill it with extra crap! What I have found to be interesting is that it has forced me to become much more thoughtful about what I carry… even down to my fly selection.

    In any case, I sure don’t miss carrying the extra junk!

  4. Nov 27 2010

    I still use the vest, but only have about 6 rods – including 2 that I built, and 1 bamboo that I refinished.

    Haven’t tried tying yet, but I will probably take a shot thus winter.

  5. Nov 27 2010

    Leigh… tying is the bomb. It takes it all to a whole new level. Actually creating the thing that fools the fish rather than just presenting it completed the circle for me.

    Good luck!


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