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November 14, 2010


Simple Pleasures

by mrbrownliner

Times are tough so I hear….  We are in a world wide economic recession.  Most of us are working more hours for less pay than we are accustomed.  Many of us are not working at all.  Most of us are dealing with more stress, have less free time, and are even having less sex than we had 5 years ago.  Amidst all of this what are we to do?

Well I surely don’t have any grand answers and if I did, I probably would not be doing what I do for a living or even living where I am living for that matter.  But I do know one thing for sure…. .when life gets difficult I find great solace in the simple pleasures of life.  What are those may you ask?  You may…. and you are going to have to look in the mirror for your answers.

For me, they are something like this.  Waking up on a rainy cold Sunday morning.  I roll over and kiss my wife, pat my dog on the head and pull on the fishing clothes I had laid out the night before.  I brush my teeth out of habit, but I am sure the fish really don’t care one way or another.  My gear is already packed in the car.  I have about a 45 minute drive to a local pond that holds some decent trout and with the weather turning cold and nasty, most of my warm water favs are a no go for a day like today.  I jam to some good tunes on the way up and am smiling as I gear up in the parking lot.  It is drizzling but the clouds are dark and imposing and I know I am in for a wet morning.  It is 40 degrees and showing no signs of warming up.

I looked around and counted the other cars in the parking lot…. a grand total of 1…. I like this and smile.  There is a mist rising off the cold water and the rain starts spit harder.  The drops go from tiny to large making audible plunks as they hit the surface of the water and dance off the surface of my gore-tex jacket.  I can hear my fly line rip through the crisp morning air.  The water soaks my rag will gloves as the line strips through my fingers.  My fly slowly fades out of my field of vision as it sinks in between strips.

Did it help that the fish were cooperative?  Of course, I always enjoy it when my fishing efforts yield fish.  But today was all about enjoying the little things in life.  Me, outside, with a pond all to myself, in a cool fall rain.  Yes my friends, Life is good.

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  1. Tim
    Nov 16 2010

    I see you’ve turned to the dark side…trout on the brownliner page. If they were more readily available in Pittsburgh, it would be awesome.

    Nice fish!

    • Nov 16 2010

      Tim… yes… it is sad but what is a hopelessly addicted fly fisherman to do? I have slowly had to admit to my friends that I actually do enjoy trout fishing. I just don’t enjoy the crowds and the snobbery that seems to come along with it which is why I seek out places to fish where others wouldn’t.


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