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November 24, 2010

Erie Steel

by mrbrownliner

OK… yes… I know this is “Adventures in Brown Lining” but when my warm water fav’s go away what’s an addicted fly fisherman to do?  Yes, despite all of my bitching and griping I finally bit the bullet and made a trip up to Erie to give Steelheading a shot.  And yes…. I admit it!  IT WAS FUN!  I was lucky enough to get some great info from a friend and avoided the majority of the crowds and for most of the day, had the river pretty much to myself!  (YES… hard to believe, I know!)

So what lessons did a steelhead rookie learn today? Hmmm… let me see…

  1. Fishing in 35 degree weather is pretty darn cold no matter how many layers one wears
  2. Most people who fish for steelhead are pretty lazy and don’t walk more than 50 yards from the bridge they parked their car under
  3. Big trout have sharp teeth
  4. Putting one’s finger in big trout’s mouth not the brightest idea
  5. Blood does not clot well when you are freezing your ass off (see lesson number 3)
  6. Wading in unfamiliar murky water when you can’t feel your feet requires a bit of caution
  7. Buyer be ware…. this is highly addictive!

At the end of the day…. I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Would I stand in a pool with 10 other guys fighting for drifts???  Negative.  But a day like today?  Any time!

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