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Frigging COLD!!!

So bob and I headed to the Yough today… it was 19 degrees when we got there…. I have now broken two rod tips in 24 hours, ripped the bottoms of my Korkers, and am not sure if I still own all of my appendages. Bob hooked into a huge brown and lost it… I got skunked. Was it fun??? YOU BET!

We arrived at the parking lot to find one other car which is always a beautiful sight. It is not often when you have the entire river to yourself. Going to give it another go on Thursday, will keep you posted.


Happy Holidays

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season.  I greatly appreciate all of you who have bothered to frequent my little corner of the web.  I hope this has made you smile or even raised an eyebrow or two throughout the year.  As the year ends, I have put together my little wish list for 2011.  I know it is a bit late for Santa, but it can’t hurt to throw it out there.

  1. I wish that all of the rude fisherman on the stream who don’t understand what it means to give another angler space accidentally close their rod tip in their car door.
  2. I wish for more time on the stream with good friends, good karma, and good times.
  3. I wish for fly fisherman across the country to stop buying crap on ebay and Cabella’s and start supporting their local fly shop before they don’t have a local fly shop to support
  4. I wish for more opportunities to learn from fly fisherman with more wisdom and experience than I.
  5. I wish my wife found fly fishing as interesting as I do.
  6. I wish just once Bob would not kick my ass while chasing carp.
  7. I wish I could make a decision between rebuilding a jon boat or buying a fishing kayak or a pontoon.
  8. I wish more people embraced catch and release and realized that there are plenty of dead fish at the local grocery store already.
  9. I wish my kids become as passionate about this beautiful pursuit as I am
  10. I wish for beautiful loops, sharp hooks, tight lines, and big smiles

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season! 🙂


Erie Chrome Video Compilaton

This is just a compilation of a few trips up to the Erie tribs this fall.  Spielberg I am not, but hopefully you get the idea that we have been having a pretty darn good time!


Adventures of The “Jerky” Boys

So Bob and I went up to fish the Erie tribs today and had a pretty rough go of it.  The rain came down hard and steady all day and it was pretty darn cold to boot.  I landed one small hen but that was the extent of the action for the day.  At first I thought it might have been the weather, or maybe we were on the wrong stretch of water?  Then it dawned on me and I can’t believe it had escaped me during the day.  We were missing the most vital ingredient of success that has accompanied us on every fishing trip we have ever taken…….

Secret flies?  Nope

Lucky rabbits foot?  Nope

Polarized glasses?  Nope

Yes, you gussed it, the most vital ingredient to fishing success!

Yes… Beef Jerkey.  Our luck turned so bad today due to a lack of salted beef products that when we were changing out of our waders we put our rods on the roof of the car to keep them out of the mud and ice….. and yes…. we drove away with both of our rigs on the roof.  Lucky for Bob, his caught on the roof rack and is fine…. I was not so lucky.  My Lamson reel is now in need of a new spool as it spins like a tire that has been through a two foot deep pothole.

Moral of the story… Don’t forget the damn beef jerky!!!!!!

PS… The beef jerky is strictly used for human consumption and not for scenting our flies!  I figured some joker would ask so there is the preemptive answer 🙂


I admit it… I’m HOOKED!

So I recently spent a day chasing chrome on the storied tribs of Lake Erie.  Anyone who has ever read my blog can attest to the fact that I could sooner impale myself with a 3/0 Clouser before I would line the sides of a stream with 100 other guys fighting for the same stretch of water…. Sorry… combat fishing just isn’t my thing!  But I have to admit… I am so hooked!  The sheer power and incredible beauty of these fish has me mesmerized.  Visions of these chrome monsters float through my head and invade my dreams!

So Bob and I hopped into the “fishmobile” and made our way North.  I casually glanced up at the temperature read out on his dash and it read a balmy 28 degrees.  To be honest, I don’t think I had ever fished in the 20’s before.  So what did I learn?

This is what happens to your rod guides which makes casting an interesting endeavor!

This is what happens to your waders….

And this is what happens to felt soles when you stand on a rock too long and the felt freezes to the rock.

So why you ask would anyone in their right mind stand in a frozen stream with frozen feet and frozen hands for hours at a time?  I think the smile is pretty much all the explanation anyone would need!

Now it wouldn’t be a Mr. Brownliner post without some kind of rant so I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Just a quick shout out to the jackass in the camo who felt it necessary to step one foot closer to me after every drift until he could see whether or not I had any ear wax…..  Karma is a bitch and so are you.  You are a hack of a fisherman and you bring shame to those of us that consider ourselves to be fly fisherman.  There was plenty of stream to work with for all of us and the fact that I was catching fish and you were not had nothing to do with where I was standing!  I hope you got close enough to learn something….

OK… I feel better now.  🙂