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January 7, 2011


Pontoon Dreams

by mrbrownliner

So I have finally made the decision to purchase a boat.  I have settled on a guide quality pontoon craft for floating rivers and small lakes.  This has truly been a process for me as I have been thinking about this for roughly a year.  I am not a huge fan of more gear for the sake of more gear but there is a true method to my madness.  I recently visited a beautiful trout stream in central PA with a friend and the entire afternoon we spent visiting one occupied trout hole after another.  Angling pressure not only is hard on the fish… it is hard on me!

I am not a big fan of waiting  which is why I typically avoid amusement parks at all cost.  Fishing is my solitude, my zen time.  I see anglers all the time in a boat and stare with envy as they fish waters that I can’t reach on foot.  Granted, some of them pay money to guides that I don’t have but such is life.  For the price of one or two guided days on the river, I could be the proud owner of a vessel that could bring me years of fishing pleasure on waters that most others can’t fish.  I love the sense of adventure, the sense of freedom, and the true mobility.

I still have a few months to finish putting the final touches on my plan but I am truly excited and look forward to a whole new universe of fishing that awaits!

If you have a new adventure planned for 2011 I would love to hear a bout it!  It can be big or small, cheap or lavish…. doesn’t matter as long as it involves a fly line!

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  1. Tim
    Jan 7 2011

    Little J around New Years? If so, I was one of those guys crowding the stream. I fished it three days and caught 4 browns. I caught 5 browns on a small wild stream a few miles away with no pressure aside from a few ducks.

  2. Jan 7 2011


    Nope… was on Spring Creek. 🙂

  3. Jan 10 2011

    I can’t wait to read about your new watercraft when you get it. As Hannibal of the A-Team says, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

    I’m working on catching all species and subspecies of black bass (Micropterus) in one year. My girlfriend and I are working on this little project together. You can read more about it in this blog post:
    It should be a fun way to spend my fishing time in 2011.

  4. Jan 26 2011

    I love my toon!!! I spend half my time wading rivers and the other half toon’n the lakes during the summer…you will enjoy! I know, you think that you have all the gear you need…and then something else peeks your interest to make fly fishing even more fun…gotcha on that!

    • Jan 27 2011

      Damsel….. some of our streams are easy to wade with good access while others are impossible to get to the best water without a toon or yak…. I am sooooo excited for this spring I can hardly contain myself! New water and fewer fisherman make me smile. 🙂


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