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January 10, 2011


Feeding the Disease

by mrbrownliner

So what would possess a rational and sane (most of the time) person to go fly fishing when it is 12 degrees out? Well that is a very good question and one I am not sure I have a complete answer to. I could tell you that I absolutely loved having the entire river to myself. I could tell you that I had a nasty case of cabin fever that needed to be addressed. I could also tell you that I had tied a bunch of new flies that were in need of some water as well. I could tell you that Bob inspired me with the 24 trout he brought to hand last week on an equally cold day. I could probably tell you a lot of things but the thing I probably should tell you is that I just love to fish.

In my humble opinion, one of the things that make someone an outstanding fisherman (which I one day aspire to be) is the ability to fish in all different kinds of conditions. Fly fishing is not nearly as challenging when all of the variables work in your favor… wind, temperature, barometric pressure, sun, etc….. But what happens when these things work against you? Some people pick up their spin rod. Some stay at home and bag the entire thing. These are the times I love to go fishing. It tests you in ways that easy days cannot and I think gives you a pretty good idea what you are made of.

My fly line was frozen for most of the day. My rod guides had to be cleared of ice every 5th drift. My feet and hands are still tingling as I type this blog entry. but you know what… 18 trout didn’t seem to care and that was fine by me 🙂 Next time it is really crappy out and you decide to go fishing anyhow, take a look along the river and don’t hesitate to wave. I promise I will wave back.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

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  1. Jan 10 2011

    I think you may be a better fisherman than you admit. That’s a nice chunky Brown in the first pic.

  2. Jan 10 2011

    Thanks Jay. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

  3. Tim
    Jan 11 2011

    What is with all of these cold water fish being caught on sucker spawn. I think the carp are jealous. Nice work!

  4. Jan 12 2011

    Tim, I have to admit…. despite my new found enjoyment of trout fishing I do miss my carp!

  5. Jan 19 2011

    Nice pics! Winter is always a challenging time.


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