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March 20, 2011


Let the Carping Begin!

by mrbrownliner

So the weather has been far from ideal. The water has been high fast and dirty… but never the less this brownliner has been waiting far too long! Despite almost drowning myself in the creek and only have a few shots at fish I could see, it felt really good to crack open my home waters again.

As usual, Bob has proven to be quite the carp whisperer and opened up the season with this fat pig of an early season carp.

I am not ready to abandon chasing trout, but I must admit… it is really nice to be able to fish five minutes from the house again! We are still pre-spawn and the water is definitely quite cold, but I can feel spring coming on and I am looking forward to what this season will bring!

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  1. Mar 20 2011

    Very pretty fish. Quite a set of shoulders. Doesnt look like she went hungry much over the winter does it? Gotta love those river/stream carp.

    Congradulations on opening the season!

  2. Mar 21 2011

    Hey, Thanks! I was shocked at that myself… very healthy looking! Ironically, I had a shot at the biggest carp I have ever seen in our local creek. It has to go somewhere in the low 20’s… .absolutely huge. It of course looked at my fly as it went past it’s nose, glanced up at me… I’m sure gave me a wink, and swam away. And that is why we keep coming back!

  3. Tim
    Mar 21 2011

    I recognize that spot. Road to your right and standing in front of a bridge looking towards another one. There is a nice carp hole upstream not to far past the spot where the small stream dumps in.

  4. Mar 22 2011

    The concrete wall really says “urban angling.” I’m sure you’ll get another shot at the big one. At least you know where he/she hangs out now.
    Looking forward to seeing things warm up for you in your home waters.


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