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April 3, 2011


One Fish, Two Fish, Trash Fish, Sewer Fish!

by mrbrownliner

So Bob texted this to me the other day and I had to laugh albeit a bit uncomfortably. I have always known that many of our urban waterways carry some unsavory elements, but the sign was a bit of a punctuation mark.

Those of us who make a bit of a career of brown lining end up being the butt of our own jokes. We jest about “diaper dodging”, “tampon indicators”, “corn speckled trout”, and of course the ever prolific “latex ribbed sucker”…. and yes, I have caught a few on this list! Last season, I went to put on my Korkers to hit the creek and I noticed that both of my soles had come completely delaminated. At the time, I chalked it up to a product defect and emptied a tube of goo for the repair rather than attempt to send them back. After reading the above sign again… perhaps the product performed just fine but the environment that I expected it to perform in was just a bit well…. extreme?

I am strictly a catch and release guy so eating any of my catch is not an issue. I won’t wet wade in most of the waterways in my state as I have seen some nasty micro-bacterial infections that I am not interested in acquiring either. I do know this…. I WILL WASH MY HANDS AFTER FISHING AND PRIOR TO EATING…. I WILL WASH MY HANDS AFTER FISHING AND PRIOR TO EATING…. I WILL WASH MY HANDS AFTER FISHING AND PRIOR TO EATING!!!!

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  1. Apr 3 2011

    That is a strange sign… it sounds like nobody knows what may happen when and if ti does would you please let them know. Weird. I’ve never seen an environmental warning sign quite like it.


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