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May 18, 2011



by mrbrownliner

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  1. May 19 2011

    Neat fly… will have to try it. Love the name too.

    • May 20 2011


      Thanks! Just a new twist on some old success. Nice blog btw!

  2. May 20 2011

    MBL, nice fly…and I think the video is pretty darn cool. Took some practice I bet! Have you ever tried the lead in front of the eyes instead? It kinda makes a cool pendulum effect around the bead-chain and increases the tendency to head-stand..

  3. May 21 2011


    I have not, but that’s a great idea. I will have to give that a shot. By the way…. totally have carp envy. You guys have much bigger fish to throw to than we do. We have some pigs in our large rivers, but they are not very fly friendly. Most of the fisheries we can chase carp on tend top top out in the 15lb range with the average around 5-8 lbs. Some of our lakes hold some big boys, but I don’t find that as much fun as targeting them on moving water.

    Thanks for the feedback!



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