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July 15, 2011

Top Water Smallies Make Me Smile… and so does Cherry Jello

by mrbrownliner

As the dog days of summer set in and the trout gasp for air like an asthmatic searching for his inhaler any of us with half a heart begin searching for other fish to harass for the next month or so.  For the highbrow trout purist who would sooner take a dump in his Simms G4 waders than to intentionally throw a fly at a carp or cat, smallies seem to be the moderately acceptable alternative.  They are the annoying uncle who you still invite to your family functions despite the fact that he tries too hard to be cool and double dips the salsa bowl with his unwashed hands while everyone else watches in horror.

Me… what can I say… I don’t mind slumming it and that Uncle that rubs you the wrong way… I think he’s frigging hysterical.  (even though I still won’t dunk a chip in that salsa bowl)

Summer smallies can be as much fun as a man can have if you are minus two twenty four year old blondes in a kiddie pool with 25lbs of cherry jello and a fly swatter.  Something about watching them explode on a white popper as the sun is setting over the water that is absolutely magical.  (now if only I had a cherry jello fly!)

Anyhow…. I digress.  Last week CW and I headed down to the Allegheny for an evening as Mrs. Brownliner was kind enough to give me a free pass for the night because I was a good boy.  Well maybe I wasn’t a good boy, but I wasn’t in trouble like I usually am.  So we headed off into the fading light throwing poppers, eating beef jerky, and telling bad jokes.  All of which are integral parts of the experience.

The fishing was not crazy and we didn’t catch record numbers of fish, but we did manage to scare up a few bronze backs looking for a fight and had a great time.

So if you are looking for a great time fishing this summer and want to cut the trout a bit of slack, get out of that kiddie pool (the blondes are not on their way!) and chase some summer bronze…. BIG FUN!

Good Luck and Tight Lines



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