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September 17, 2011

Summer’s Most Prolific Hatch?

by mrbrownliner

Here in Pennsylvania we are blessed with some amazing hatches throughout the year. Many have pontificated over what they feel to be the most prolific hatch…. green drakes, white fly, hex….. none of them can hold a candle to what I experienced on the creek this week. With the rains ushering in some early fall weather the infamous yet highly unpublicized TOILET PAPER HATCH went off in full bloom this week!

One of the glorious if not aromatic bi-products of heavy rains is that many of our local waterways are the recipient of our excess sewage. Yes, yes, yes…. I know this is the eye opening equivalent of taking a black light into a rest stop hotel room. I would prefer to remain an ostrich as well but once you pull the covers down, you might as well just come to grips with the reality.

So as the TP hatch goes off many of our favorite brown line species allow their noses to leave the stream bottom and venture to the surface for some “dry fly” action. I have often thought of tying a “Charmin Special” for the occasion, but as it turns out one of the flies that occupies my box wherever I go fit’s the bill perfectly!

The venerable Blood Dot not only is deadly on taking carp as a nymph, but if you douse it in floatant, it is a perfect matching of the hatch for the Angel Soft Spinner. It is funny how if you are willing to experiment with your tactics you often learn things that you would never have known. I always thought of Blood Dot’s or other egg patterns as trout and steelhead food. Turns out it is the most consistent carp producer that CW or I have ever used.

So water conditions were a bit difficult for traditional sight fishing but I managed to find my favorite eddy to be chock full of big lips hoovering the surface. I only had a few hours to fish but the action was on and you could feel even the mid-sized carp shaking off their summer doldrums with renewed energy.

So next time you get the chance. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Get out and hit the TP hatch for some amazing dry fly carping!

Good Luck and Tight Lines,



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