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Trophy Cat Fish, New Years Resolutions, and Amazing Gifts

So as most of you know, the newly born Brownliner twins have dominated the landscape of my life for the past three months leaving very little time for fishing.  Much to my surprise I almost landed the big one at my company holiday white elephant gift exchange.

Sadly it was taken from me by one of the last people to open their gift and I ended up with a cake spatula that sings “Happy Birthday”…. just my luck.

So today being New Years, I figured there is no better time to put some of my angling/life resolutions for 2012 down in writing…

  1. I will learn to tie and fish one new pattern per month
  2. I will explore and fish six new areas or bodies of water
  3. I will make a point to “pay it forward” once per month and help another (friends or strangers… doesn’t matter!)
  4. I will take my two oldest son’s fishing with a level of patience that I have not given to them to date
  5. I will finally give up the ghost and acknowledge the fact that my wife does not and will not grasp the appeal of fly fishing!
  6. CW and I will navigate our local creek via pontoon from it’s beginning to it’s termination
  7. With pending new video equipment I will commit to more video content on this blog!
  8. I will figure out how to strike a balance between being a good father, good employee, and committed blogger/angler
  9. I will smile more
  10. I will wake up every day being prepared for the worst, hoping for the best, and soaking up each moment because you just never know when it will be your last

On a completely different note, I was once again completely blown away by CW.  He showed up at my house with his lovely girlfriend at our home for a bit of holiday celebration.  I had bought him a cheesy little wall sign for his fly tying man cave that I saw at Hobby Lobby.  (Twins make for a tight budget!)  He walks in with a huge honking box that weighed about 30lbs.  He told me that he doesn’t believe in traditional “baby gifts” but rather adult gifts in celebration of baby arrivals.  So I open the behemoth to find a beautiful fly tying cabinet engraved with my name.  He said since I couldn’t be out on the river as much this year at least I could finally get all of my tying supplies out of tupperware containers and ziplock bags…. truly amazing gift.  This is of course from a man that understands fishsturbation as much as I do!

Well it’s time to sit down with Mrs. Brownliner and watch a movie and try and get two future fly fisher kids to sleep.

Good Luck, Tight Lines, and have a happy and safe New Years!