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Friends… Film Festivals…. and Free Time

I’ll take “Three Things I Can Never Get Enough of” for $500 Alex.

Yes, last night was the Fly Fishing Film Festival in Pittsburgh sponsored by my good friends at International Angler. As most of you know, I have been in a state of cryogenic suspension for roughly six long months. As much as I am itching to be on the water, I am not itching for a second divorce so for now I will just have to settle for a night out to watch other people fish. (which does fall under the category of “fishsturbation” in the truest sense of the word) I have been trying to work with the twins on their casting mechanics, but at six months old they are having a fairly tough time with the pause on their back cast….. things we will have to work on.

So how was the film fest you ask? I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then again that is like asking a starving man lost in the desert how he enjoyed the luke warm tap water and stale Twinkie you just gave to him. The productions were for the most part entertaining and of really good quality.

I always find it very interesting to see the reactions of the crowd to different genres. For example, the opening film was a salt water production on tarpon with some amazing footage including a dog that jumps off the skiff to chase poon. The hardcore trout guys in the audience didn’t have much of a reaction, but the salt water anglers were totally oohing and ahhhing. Conversely the production on traditional English chalk streams kinda lost many of us that are more about chasing larger fish.

The best part of the night for me (aside from the box of Raisinets) was hanging with my boy CW and talking about…..

  • Trips we have in the works
  • Trips we wish we had in the works but are not that big of a stretch
  • Trips that there is no way in hell will ever happen but it never hurts to pretend

For those of us that live and breathe this stuff, fly fishing is not just a hobby. It is an obsession, a passion, and part of the fabric of what makes us who we are. Sitting in a theater full of junkies last night was a pretty cool feeling. Regardless whether you were fantasizing about a trico hatch, worm hatch, or toilet paper hatch the vibe was there. Getting to drop a warm hello to fishing friends or friends I have yet to actually fish with just put a smile on my face that let me forget how long it has been since my waders have seen water.

Hopefully the water and I will become re-acquainted soon but for one evening it was nice to see some great takes, amazing fights, and some pretty cool fish porn.

See you on the water! (hopefully)

Good Luck and Tight Lines,