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Blatant Self Promotion and Shameless Plugs

So at the risk of sounding way too full of myself, this past month marked a momentous occasion for yours truly. No I did not finally get the long awaited call from Angelina Jolie letting me know that she left that slouch Brad for me. (She did however inform me that she still closes her eyes and thinks of me every time he touches her) It was far greater than that. No… don’t get up… please really…. the applause is not necessary….. What? I must share? OK… If I must….

Mr Brownliner, yours truly, ghost writing as none other than well…. ME…. was featured in the spring issue of The New Fly Fisher E-zine. If you are looking for a full year of some high quality fly fishing education for less than a large pizza and a six pack then check them out! You may be familiar with them for their own show on WFN as well as their association/production of the show that Orvis airs featuring Tom Rosenbauer. Big thanks to Colin and the gang for providing me a few pages to talk about carp and all things brown line!

Come on…. no snickering… For the first time Mrs. Brownliner raised her eyebrow in shocked disbelief! No no no… not over my sad pathetic pining over Angelina. (no shock or disbelief there at all) It was more over the fact that there were more than 10 people in the country… scratch that… world that actually cared about fly fishing for carp let alone had an interest in hearing what I had to say about it. While I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon as John Gierach I am not, It was nice to see carp on the fly begin to get its much deserved respect. Thanks again to the folks at The New Fly Fisher for the spotlight and a chance to talk about fishing on the fringes!

Tight Lines,




Artificial Habitat…. Authentic Fun

As most of you can attest to by my lack of blogging the past 7 months have been pretty rough for this rabid foaming at the mouth fly fisherman. The twins have been amazing as they are growing, smiling, shitting, and screaming their way through their first year. This week, both of them stood up for the first time with out a wading staff! (proud papa) They have even already learned to fight over the same toy. Who knew The Hungry Caterpillar was so damn special?

So where was I? Ah yes…. amidst a sea of far to much work, far too little sleep, and far too few hours on the water I finally managed to get my ass into a set of waders and wet a line with my good buddy CW. In the card game of life these days I don’t have very many trump cards to play that make fly fishing a winning hand. But when CW tells my wife that he paid his good hard earned money for a day on some private trout water and that he was taking me and that he will be a month behind on his rent and that he has nothing to eat and that his kids will be without Patagonia branded clothing and that the regional economy DEPENDS on my going fishing last Friday…… how could a girl say NO?

And so it was….. Two long lost fishing pals found a beautiful… and I do mean beautiful spring day on some private trout water in Western PA. Now in the realm of full disclosure, this was far from wild. The pools were manufactured, the trout were stocked, the landscape was cleared. Yet despite all of this, the smile on my face was totally legit!

I had to chuckle to myself as two guys that routinely wade through urban waters, for wily carp as we drift flies past sunken shopping carts found ourselves in such a high brow setting. The truth of the matter is that places like the one we fished are set up to allow average at best fisherman to catch well above average sized trout with well below average angling pressure. I am not sure that I would want this to be my permanent fishing venue, but to see Steelhead sized trout swimming about my fly made for some pretty cool moments. Sadly neither one of us landed any true hogs but we both brought quite a few good sized trout to hand for just one day reminded ourselves how much we enjoy being on the water together.

We both managed to lose a ton of flies…. not a shocker. Lose a few fish…. not a shocker. Consume large amounts of salted beef poducts…. most definitely not a shocker. And even fool a few uneducated trout….. shocker!

So a big greatly appreciated man hug (3 back pats) goes out to my good buddy CW who sprung me for the day, put a smile on my face, and once again reminded me that his generosity knows no bounds. May will bring our annual pilgrimage to Lake Erie for our warm water pursuit of bass, pike, carp, and anything else that will chase our fly so stay tuned as the pontoons take their maiden voyage!

Big Smiles and Tight Lines