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May 19, 2012



by mrbrownliner

Which as we all know is Latin for “the ten cent carp”. What can I say, I woke up with carp on the brain. I have a feeling it was the 30 lb monster that John Montana posted on his outstanding blog this week. Which beckons the age old question…… DOES SIZE MATTER?

So I went to the best source I can think of…. Mrs Brownliner. Well yes and no was the answer. If the fish is so small that you can’t feel it on the end of the line then yes… otherwise NO! I would tend to agree. Some of the coolest takes that I have had have been from some rather pedestrian sized fish. I know many of my salt water brethren that would much rather chase 15 lb tarpon in the mangroves than spend an hour plus playing tug of war with a triple digit monster.


So which excites us more… the take or the fight? If the size of the fish is what counts to you, is it length or girth? CW landed a 20″ trout on the Yough and it was one of the skinniest pencil thin trout I have ever seen. Is that a better fish than a 16″ brown shaped like a football? Can a fish be so thick that is loses its “athleticism”?


When it comes to carp fishing, challenge for me is primarily in stalking the fish and getting them to eat. Running a close second is the fight because as any avid brown liner can attest to they will often test you in ways that most other fish just can’t. But let’s all be honest. Given the chance to tangle with a 20 or 30 lb big lipped monster….. My heartbeat races just thinking about it. Hmmmmm…. maybe size does matter?

Until then, I will have to look at John’s pics with envy and hope for the opportunity to down the road. Who know’s…. maybe this weekend will hold some great surprises in store!

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  1. Gregg Martin
    May 19 2012

    Can a fish be too thick? My heaviest carp was over 25lb. maybe way over, but was so big around it was unbelievable, but that fish had seen better days in our Snake River, full of red sores and it even smelled bad. So I don’t even call it my largest carp in casual conversation. I agree however, a fit fish is a fine enough fish. Guys here fish for spawned out kelts on a local brown trout river and hero pose with those very large fish, big deal. I quess I used to do that also. Maybe I’ve grown up thanks to carp.



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