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May 20, 2012


The Take

by mrbrownliner

The withdraw symptoms were just too much to bear. I was sweating…. the shakes in my casting hand were visible…. I sat in the corner of the living room on the floor rocking back and forth mumbling something under my breath over and over again… REDRUM… REDRUM…. REDRUM…..

Mrs Brownliner for fear of her own life sent me out this morning to go fishing. Just for the record I had been watching a show on WFN on RED DRUM so none of you need worry as MURDER was not quite on the menu just yet. As luck would have it, Drum was on the menu! Not red, but drum none the less.

With about two hours on the water I did not have much time to work with. The water conditions were low but the clarity was not quite there so sight fishing was a bit of a task. I migrated to a few spots I know where I could present from an elevated position which made life a bit easier.

The lone fish I brought to hand was nowhere near the largest drum I have taken from these waters but the take was wicked cool. I was standing on a shale wall about 10 feet above the water. I could see the fish slowly working his way upstream in the slack water just off a current seam. I waited…. waited….. and threw a soft loop out into the current and let it swing back in. Just as he was in range, my fly settled to the bottom about 4 feet upstream. I twitched… he twitched…. he saw it…. his caution was up. One more twitch? No… patient… patient… wait… he veers slightly left and he is on it. Slowly, deliberately…. I can’t see the fly but I see his head nod ever so slightly down a small gill flare… patience…. Hook set! He comes tight and takes off for deeper water.

Both of our mouths are sore at this point. His from the size 6 hook stuck in the corner of his jaw and mine from the huge grin I have pasted on my face from watching this oh so cool take from a spooky fish.

So big thanks to Mrs. Brownliner for springing me this morning and mad props to the drum who reminded me how amazing sight fishing can be!

Tight Lines


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  1. Gregg Martin
    May 28 2012

    We don’t have any of the drum here and they have intriqued me for some time. Would you brieffy compare them to carp as I am familiar with them, fighting, savvy, their abundance, differnces? Too cool!


    • May 28 2012


      Similar in ways and very different in others. The fight is definitely not as strong or as long. Carp are with out a doubt the stronger of the two species. Drum at times can be much more willing to chase a fly in a predatory way but at others can be extremely selective. I don’t think they are as spooky as carp and will usually tolerate your presence quite a bit more before bugging out. Both species are fun in different ways and have different personalities. I highly recommend giving them a try if you get the chance.



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