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So Close…. Yet So Far…

Last week was a banner day on my home creek.  I guess all the stars must have aligned correctly because I was one fish away from a sweep…  What is a sweep you ask?  A sweep is much like a grand slam on steroids.  The creek I am talking about has the following species on a pretty reliable basis:

  • Carp
  • Channel Cat
  • Sauger
  • Smallmouth
  • Sunfish
  • Drum

If you wanted to stretch the species list there is the odd largemouth, wayward trout, and a variety of suckers and not to be forgotten the rumor of musky although I have yet to see one.

I’m not sure what got into the water (other than untreated sewage) but everything was eating this day!  Carp?  Check… brought six of them to hand which was a personal one day record for me.

None of them were giants but this nine pounder gave a very solid accounting of itself and even smiled for the camera.

The bonus of the day was my very first ever leather carp which for some reason we just don’t see very many of around my local waters.  Stop snickering John Montana…. I know… it looks like a carp only smaller!  Now being that I don’t see these very often, I am assuming it is a leather by it’s scale pattern.  If I am mistaken and this is a mirror (which we also don’t see many of) please correct me!

So as the carping slowed a bit, I switched gears and hooked a few smallies as I worked my way upstream.

I was pitching a rabbit strip against a retaining wall when my line came tight and much to my surprise was my first Sauger of the year in only about two feet of water.  I must admit, as much as I love their markings, they tend to put up about the same fight as Paula Jones gave Tonya Harding in their celebrity boxing match.  Pffft.

After a bit of a lull in the action I came on a deeper pool and the sight fishing was off so I started swinging a fly through this pool hoping for a few more bass when once again much to my surprise a drum chased down my fly and put a smile on my face.

A few minutes later as I was trying to untangle my fly line from my waders, I felt a tug on my line and thank you very much for playing….. I think the fly was almost as big as he was but that sure didn’t stop him from impaling himself on the hook.

So for those of you who are keeping score at home, this left me one catfish short of the sweep.  A slightly more desperate man would have rubbed his fly in chicken liver and had a go but not this man.  I just marched my ass home feeling greedy for even being disappointed.  The fish gods smiled on my this day but made sure I went home just humble enough to come back to try again.  Despite dodging diapers, water heaters, and various other forms of human waste, I consider myself a very lucky man to have a fishery 5 minutes from my house that can produce this in a day…. by the way…. saw one other fisherman all day.  Big smiles 🙂


Now That is Some Weird Shit

So I am not completely unaware that I wade in some questionable water…. to the point where the glue that holds the soles on my Korkers has now de-laminated twice.  The funk that comes off of my waders and off of my fly line when I wash it is well…. nasty.  How nasty?????

So nasty that it ate an entire car and only left one tire…..

Yes… yes… I can’t explain it either but that is in fact a hot water heater.

I don’t know what happened to this guy… but all that was left of him was a boot.  If only I wore my prescription polarized sunglasses I would have noticed the fine print.

The following is not suitable for children under the age of 17.   I can’t promise that your mind will ever be the same so view at your own risk…..

Now I don’t know about you but that is one crazy ass bug eyed albino genetic freak of a catfish and it is seriously making me reconsider this whole brown lining thing!  Damn…. every time I look at it the thing just freaks me out!!!  CW caught this bad boy swimming in a pool and he said it practically glowed nuclear.  Somehow I don’t doubt him for a minute.  Long live the Chernobyl Catfish!  Screw it…. we are all going to hell in a hand basket any how.  How bad could some untreated sewage water hurt anyhow?

Tight Lines



Carp Chasers – Carp on the Fly Video

This Sunday we will be talking all things CARP over at International Angler in Pittsburgh.  I ended up compiling some of our highly amateur video footage for the occasion so I figured I’d share.  Hope you enjoy!