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June 17, 2012


Now That is Some Weird Shit

by mrbrownliner

So I am not completely unaware that I wade in some questionable water…. to the point where the glue that holds the soles on my Korkers has now de-laminated twice.  The funk that comes off of my waders and off of my fly line when I wash it is well…. nasty.  How nasty?????

So nasty that it ate an entire car and only left one tire…..

Yes… yes… I can’t explain it either but that is in fact a hot water heater.

I don’t know what happened to this guy… but all that was left of him was a boot.  If only I wore my prescription polarized sunglasses I would have noticed the fine print.

The following is not suitable for children under the age of 17.   I can’t promise that your mind will ever be the same so view at your own risk…..

Now I don’t know about you but that is one crazy ass bug eyed albino genetic freak of a catfish and it is seriously making me reconsider this whole brown lining thing!  Damn…. every time I look at it the thing just freaks me out!!!  CW caught this bad boy swimming in a pool and he said it practically glowed nuclear.  Somehow I don’t doubt him for a minute.  Long live the Chernobyl Catfish!  Screw it…. we are all going to hell in a hand basket any how.  How bad could some untreated sewage water hurt anyhow?

Tight Lines


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  1. Kosmo
    Jun 19 2012

    Yikes. That’s one freaky set of eyeballs. As I scrolled down I was expecting to see Homer Simson.

  2. Gregg Martin
    Jun 24 2012

    That is some serious polution but I believe we all who fish inland warm have seen similar things don’t you imagine? The catfish in my mind is too cool! Amazing it grew as it did as a very visible target for predators. I also think the same thing of wild koi, the attrition rate must be tremendous. Glad you shared!



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