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February 5, 2013

The Big Move

by mrbrownliner

After a year of planning, packing, saving, and working we have finally done it.  Casa De Brownliner has relocated to Beaver County and I find myself in a new house with a honey do list about a mile long.  From a fishing perspective I am on a whole new river to explore and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I am still within driving distance from my old stomping grounds but there is something about new water that holds such excitement and mystery.

According to the Mrs. there is a boat in my future but that remains to be seen if that is the near future or the distant future.  I suppose time will tell.  Anyhow, last night I was trying to make my way through a sea of boxes in the basement and I came across the boxes of fly gear stacked in the corner.  For many of us, this is tying season as we wait for the thaw.  For those of us who fish 12 months, it could be tailwater fishing, chasing chrome, or even winter carping like the good folk over at practice.  Right now I have access to neither….. I feel a bit like David Hasselhoff at an all you can eat burger and beer buffet with no money.  It seems like everyone around me is managing to get on the water and I am standing there with a hammer and a pry bar.

The closest thing I have to fishing right now is the in March which is hosted by my good friends at  They say good things come to those who wait, but waiting has never and will never be my strong suit.  So until my time comes you can bet your favorite fly that I will be chomping at the bit and getting that twitch every time I pass the river.

Tight Lines,


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