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July 15, 2013


The Mulberry Hatch!

by mrbrownliner

Kerplunk!!!  Kerplunk!!!  If I didn’t know any better I would have thought I was standing in the middle of a faux water hazard at a city park driving range…. golf balls making pronounced splashes as they descended into the water with force.  (9.8 meters per second squared for all you physics buffs)

Thankfully, I was not on a driving range but rather a beautiful Michigan river watching golf ball sized berries plunk the water at 9.8 as 10-15 lb river carp gobbled them up as they bobbed in the current.  As luck and poor planning would have it, I did not have any mulberry flies so I made do with what I had.  I found some pink over sized egg patterns and drowned the suckers in floatant and plunked them down hard!

With only an hour to fish I was extremely luck that the good folks at Schultz Outfitters ( put me on some great spots in a hurry.  I could see the storm clouds beginning to roll in and knew I was on the clock.  The water was a bit high and moving quickly so getting a good drift was a challenge but after toying around with a few different angles a pair of yellow purple stained lips broke the surface and it was on.  Hook set… came tight…. and off to the races.  Before I could blink a good sized carp was in the fast current and the line was zipping off of my reel.  She was heading straight for a huge brush pile and I knew I was in trouble.  As I tried to chase her down I knew it was over.  I put the wood to her and tried to turn her but between the girthy fish and the fast current the only thing I felt was my 3x popping as I grinned knowing that round 1 went to the fish.

I tied on a new fly and plunked it down under the tree.  Mend.. mend… mend… bang!  This time the fat fish bolted for open water and downstream.  I chased her down and side pressured her into some slack water and I knew I had the advantage at that point.   Five minutes later I was bank side with my prize.  For a fish that I chase on the bottom 95% of the time, seeing them eat on the top for berries or cottonwood just lights me up.

After releasing the fish, I could hear the the thunder heads getting closer and as I peered over the trees, things went black.  I high tailed it to the car as a the lightning began and stripped my waders off as the hail stones bounced around me.   Needless to say, I grinned the whole way home!



Carping is no longer the other white meat.  You don’t carp fish to prep for a bonefish trip…. you bonefish to prep for carping.  If you are not ready for the coming carpocalypse you might want to go out and purchase a reel with a respectable drag, check your backing, put on a stripping guard, and go tell all the dudes you hang with at TU that you just followed Darth Vader to the dark side.

Tight Lines,


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  1. Gregg Martin
    Jul 18 2013

    You are so lucky to have mullberries, I tell all you guys east of the 100th. meridian this. I’m pleased for your success! Might I say you could get away with 1X in those trees? Maybe that’s just me.


    • Jul 18 2013

      Gregg… lucky we are! I agree with you on the 1X or even 2x…. unfortunately the only thing I had left in my bag was 3X or 20# FC!


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