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I Think We Have a Pulse!

I know… I know.  Much to the dismay of many, I am still alive and kicking.  The last 12 months of life is a sad state of affairs from a fly fishing perspective.  I suppose this is what happens when two little people pop into the world, you buy a 100 year old house in need of major renovations, and start a basically new job all at the same time.

OK… I am done making crappy ass excuses for being a very bad blogger.  Wait, sorry, one more lame excuse… COULD THIS WINTER SUCK ANY WORSE?  It probably couldn’t  but a cool thing happened on the way to Excuseville.   This past weekend I showed my sad face at the Penn’s Wood West Trout Unlimited Cabin Fever Expo in Cranberry, PA.  Did I see any new gear that I didn’t know about?  Nope….  Did I find any super duper deals that I couldn’t pass up?  Nope…..  So what did you see Mr. Brownliner?

I thought you’d never ask.  I saw a few thousand folks just like me that have been dying to get out on the water and it totally ignited a spark.  I saw some friends like Dale, Rob, Jim, Jeff etc… who I haven’t talked with in a while.  I saw my good buddies from International Angler (my local shop).  But the cherry on my hot fudge sundae was having a super cool talk with the infamous Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis.

Despite attending quite a few industry events we had never met.  I travel for a living and Tom has made many a boring drive pretty darn interesting for this cowboy so getting a chance to talk for a few was pretty cool.  Speaking of Cabin Fever and making it through a long winter, if you are not listening to Tom’s podcast you are missing out.  Not only is he talking about some pretty timely stuff but he has a catalog of podcasts from days gone by that are always fun to listen to.  You can check him out at  And don’t be shy about calling or emailing him with questions because he answers many of them in great detail.

The other thing I am totally pumped about is coming around very very soon is the F3T!  Yep, the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  More fish porn than you can handle in one evening.  I am looking forward to seeing many familiar faces coming up in March so don’t miss it!



As soon as I can get out to my garage, CW and I will be starting to re-glass the yet to be named micro-skiff so if any of you have any irreverent snarky name ideas for a carp chasing micro, let me know.  I promise not to be absent for so long next time!

Tight Lines and Loose Pants,