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April 22, 2014


Fly in the Ointment…. Bee in the Epoxy

by mrbrownliner

So the truth of the matter is that the early stages of boat building are not all that exciting to watch.  Pieces are cut, fiberglass is wet, sanding is…. well sanding.  Until the day comes when you start stitching things together and they actually look like a boat it is truly hard to show a ton of progress.

As would be par for the course this year, mother nature has made things a bit more difficult than I would like.  Skiff Central…. I mean my garage…. is not heated or air conditioned and in order for epoxy to cure correctly, temperatures need to be within a certain window.  Needless to say with our most recent snow in April fiasco they were not in said window.  This really slowed things down for a week so I am not trying to play catch up.

Last night I began glassing my last side panel and sandwiching together my transom.  I came out to look and there was the proverbial fly in the ointment… or in this case a bee in the epoxy.  Sadly for him he will meet an even worse face as he will soon be sanded into oblivion.  Goodbye cruel world.



If all goes well, I should have things ready to stitch together this weekend!

Tight Lines and Loose Pants,


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  1. Apr 22 2014

    Your culprit looks to be a more colorful member of the Paper Wasp genus Polistes… just in case you really wanted to know.

    • Apr 22 2014

      Jay, I know my fish… sadly my flying insect skills are clearly deficient. I just know they sting and they seem to like to sting me for some reason.


      • Apr 22 2014

        I hope you interpreted my “Noooooo!” correctly… that was a comment on the little bastard messing up your epoxy… and not a critique of your insect ID skills. I just can’t help myself but share animal ID info as a biologist/naturalist.

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